Friday, 08 August 2014 08:48

Energy Efficient Breakfast Seminar held at the Creative Energy Homes Project

The Green Construction Board hosted a breakfast seminar on 3 July, for small and medium sized businesses to provide valuable insights into low carbon and energy efficiency issues for housing.

This special Green Construction Board-backed event outlined the Creative Energy Homes Project at Nottingham University, consisting of seven homes using a range of innovative building materials, each designed and built to test how energy efficient housing can be achieved and the benefits. For example, the BASF house constructed 5 years ago, which is now providing valuable research and evidence to support the impact from occupier behaviour and solutions towards the road to zero carbon.

A number of speakers including Professor Mark Gillott, Nottingham University, Rob Pannell, Zero Carbon Hub and Robin Bryllewski, Sweet Group gave talks on the Creative Energy Homes project, the road to zero carbon and cost effective zero carbon house building, and discussions included the challenges currently faced by the industry, such as design, construction and end user knowledge and importantly, possible solutions. Delegates also toured the Creative Energy Homes Project. The emphasis on the day was on the business case for sustainable housing and the project work currently on going to investigate costs for small and medium house builders.

One of the key elements of the industrial strategy for construction – Construction 2025 – is increasing low carbon and sustainable construction, and this work is being developed by the Green Construction Board. The work of the Board focuses on cutting carbon, cutting cost and areas where a real difference can be made, including engaging with and supporting small and medium companies.